About Grando

How we started

In 1963, Robert Granderath developed the first fully automatic rigid-slatted pool cover. What he did not know at the time was that he had just laid the foundations for an expanding and successful company. Today, Grando sells more rigid-slatted pool covers throughout the world than any other company, providing swimming pool owners in more than 35 countries with untroubled enjoyment.

We have been distributing Grando covers throughout the UK for more than 30 years, and as a result we have gained a wealth of experience in all aspects of automatic pool cover installation and integration into your design.


About Grando Pool Covers

A Grando pool cover saves energy, cuts costs, spares the environment, ensures crystal-clear water and, if appropriately designed, offers protection against accidents.

The skilled craftsmen at our production plant in Germany manufacture every cover individually to suit the size of the pool. The covers are robust and hard-wearing. They are also very convenient to operate – no creasing, no pulling, no winding. A press of a button is enough.

Grando became specialists in the construction of swimming pool covers 45 years ago. With our outstanding quality and customer-oriented service, we have become the world market leader in the field of rigid-slatted pool covers.