Above Ground Systems

Above-Ground systems are uncomplicated, look good and are particularly suitable for subsequent installation. The drive unit is located at either end of the cover assembly to suit the individual installation. A top bench can be supplied as an optional extra, which is strong enough to sit on. Optional front and rear paneling is available for the light and compact versions in either white PVC or meranti hardwood. Three-sided paneling is required where a pool is over 5m wide and slats in any other colour than white are installed.

ed as standard.


The inexpensive yet effective solution for pools up to 12m x 6m. With a slat thickness of only 10mm, Grando light rolls up tightly, easily accommodated in the elegant frame of an outdoor or indoor pool.

The semicircular side sections blend with the colour as it rolls up. Available with or without optional three-side panelling.



The entire roller system can be moved manually or fully automatically from one end of the pool. This cover is ideal for pools with a Roman end at each end and oval shaped pools. Three-sided panelling is essential and fitted as standard.


Robust, hard-wearing and particularly load-resistant, with stainless steel shaft. Available with or without optional three-sided panelling.