Every swimming pool has its own character, its own shape and its own size. It is therefore entirely logical that we should offer you a solution that is geared entirely to your specific requirements. We exclusively use high-quality materials like specialty plastics and stainless steel that are long-lasting and hard-wearing. Apart from the choice of materials, the quality of the workmanship also plays a key role. Rigid slatted covers must be air and waterproof – even after many years.

Grando rigid slats are sealed with a special three-coat sealing process to ensure that they exactly fit every shape of pool. Every pool is different. Because we manufacture almost every component ourselves, we can respond flexibly to our customers’ wishes and offer you customised solutions.

Function and design go hand in hand. Grando drive systems are built to suit the size of the pool and never take up more space than necessary. We attach importance to after-sales service. Every cover is individually designed, built and archived so that specific details of the project can be easily researched even years later.


Climate Protection

By using a Grando rigid-slatted cover, you make an active contribution to environmental protection by saving both water and heating energy.


Cost Savings

When you save energy, you save money. A Grando pool cover is not only good for the environment it is also good for your wallet!
Energy consumption can be cut by as much as 80 %. It all adds up to a pleasantly warm water temperature plus reduced energy costs. And if you opt for a solar-type cover, you can harness the power of the sun to heat up the water and thus reduce heating costs still further.

A Grando cover for an indoor pool lowers the amount of evaporation and results in significant savings in electricity due to the reduced need for air-conditioning or dehumidifier systems. Without excessive humidity, the room climate is more pleasant and the temperature feels good.


Water Care

The use of a Grando pool cover reduces the consumption of chemicals in your pool. Through the lower evaporation and reduced light incidence, chlorine products, for example, are broken down more slowly.


Accident Prevention

Avoid risks, improve safety. With a Grando rigid slatted pool cover, your pool is automatically safer. Thanks to the stability and floating characteristics of the hollow profiles, the pool cover can even take the weight of an adult – if necessary.

Especially when children are playing or non-swimmers pop by for a visit, the safety aspect gives peace of mind. The same, of course, applies to pet owners.

NOTE: Accident prevention can only be ensured in conjunction with a support structure (handrail) or a special pool edge.


Hygiene and Cleanliness

Clear, refreshing water is always fascinating. With a Grando pool cover, you significantly reduce the amount of contamination in your pool and inhibit algae growth. Simple, clean and convenient.